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  Slicer Blade & Belt Kit (Part# 1051)
Speed Blade and Belt Kit (Part# 1052)
Flocked Belt (Part# 0108) (Made especially for slicer blade and speed blade), this belt is
probably overkill for all other blades and it costs a little more. It has a Kevlar flocking or criss
crossed webbing that holds the rubber together so that it can't easily split.




  Note: We have a new saw called the Titan. It was developed for those persons who could use
a small table saw along with the ability to cut curves. This saw will cut up to 12" long with very
straight cuts. It is great for glass tile, fused glass, slicing bottles, porcelain objects or bowls. It
utilizes a mega blade which leaves a great edge and is sturdy enough to that it can cut
intricate curves also. It is a great advantage to have this saw as it takes up little space,
(2"x18"), and gives you an extra ring saw if your partner is using the other one. This saw gives
the user the ability to use a full 3" of blade exposure for the working of hot glass projects.
Mega Blade Titan - (Part# 1048)

*Note: Always be sure to order genuine Gemini Saw parts as this assures your warranty and
that you will get maximum life out of the parts you purchase.

Thank you for choosing Gemini Saw Company, Inc. and allowing us the pleasure of helping to
unleash your imaginations.

Jesse Cogswell



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